Storybook Homes

Storybrook Home-8.jpgFor several years, I’ve partnered with Samuel and Tina Hackwell in designing custom Storybook-style homes, contemporary interpretations of vernacular English and French cottages. This whimsical style was first popularized by Hollywood in the 1920’s, classic examples of which can be seen in Carmel, California, and was adopted around the US as part of the eclectic movement. It offers a departure from the more austere, minimal styles associated with Mid-Century Modern, which came to dominate the architectural scene in the latter half of the 20th century–and some would say, still does, in a variety of interpretations.

If you want to know more about Storybook Homes, feel free to contact either me or my partners–we’d be happy to talk about options or ideas!

Below is a great example of a Storybook home, built in central Utah, and just completed in Spring 2017.


Below is a detail of the entry turret under construction. Notice the flared base of the stone walls which wraps around the entire structure.


This Storybook home, below, was constructed in just outside of Baltimore, Maryland in 2012.

Untitled_HDR2 copy

Below are details of a custom home built a few years ago in the Fort Worth, Texas area:

Storybrook Home-36.jpgStorybrook Home-14.jpgStorybrook Home-57